Elektronikus Könyv és Nevelés

Volume 9 – Number 1 – 2007



Pedagogy of reading

Youth literature

History of education


Table of contents


Mihály Balogh: Show








Katalin Varga: The past, present and future of the National Educational Library and Museum (NELM)





Memories from the life of NELM





   Mihály Balogh: „Eight years will not last forever...” (My memories from the life of NELM)





   Nándor Horánszky: Episodes from the first decade of the library





   László Jáki: My life and the NELM





   Elemér Kelemen: My experiences related to NELM





   Márta P. Bálind: Memory traces from the life of the museum department of NELM





   János Palovecz: Faces from the past




Pictures of NELM




Ágnes Horváth Szandi: About the jubilee commemorative of the Association of Teacher-Librarians




Erika Bondor: Jubilee medals in the Association of Teacher-Librarians






Pedagogy of reading




Zsuzsanna Tószegi: Some questions of digitalisation of books     




László Ládi: Digitalisation in the libraries




Kornél Vajda: Some questions of digitalisation of books




Erika Bondor: Digitalisation of books and school libraries




Mihály Balogh: From the Big Church in Debrecen to the Castle in Buda: Dr. Attila Nagy reading scholar gave and interview. I. part




János Steklács: The past and present of reading






Youth literature




Ágnes Samu: „You also are different, but you still aren’t different.”




István Turcsik: About the periodical „Our Flag”






History of education




Klára Gráber Bősze: The centuries and bibliographical research of the Hungarian school-reports/yearbooks     




András Nádasi: Teaching Aids – Museum














Beatrix Goda: Survey of the computer- and internet use in schools

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