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Tematikus cím:Zóna


  • Márczi Imre :
    Zóna [5.61 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0010



    Thoughts on the increasing zone of emptiness and dullness in and around us and our longing for wholeness and unity.


  • A város [10.16 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0020



    The different meanings of the city. Extracts from the book entitled 'Dictionnaire des Symboles' by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant.


  • Czakó Gábor :
    Világfasírt [23.35 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0030


    'Global Hamburger'

    'What kind of order and culture, what kind of success is the burglary of our home, the exploitation of the Earth resources...?' The article presents a critique of the consumer society.

  • A lélek elveszejtett kertje [34.37 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0040


    The Lost Garden of the Soul

    In the November episode of 'Gaia' Ecological Film magazine experts spoke about the distortion of the soul caused by the separation from nature. Extracts from the interviews.

  • Fábián László :
    Mélabú [15.21 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0050



    Thoughts on the eternal questions of life and death, joy and sorrow, fear and faith.

  • Zelnik József :
    A Zóna ádventje [9.68 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0060


    The Advent of the Zone

    Congratulatory thoughts for Imre Makovecz on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday.

  • Gólem [5.07 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0070



    What is the role of man in the lower creation? Why is it so hard to find ourselves, our way, to accept and appreciate the gift instead of ruining it?

  • Szegő György :
    Identitás és másság [17.44 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0080


    Identity and Difference

    Apropos on three exhibitions in Venice and Vienna the author analyzes the relationship of fine arts to psychology, self-knowledge and identity.

  • Cinikus gondolatok a zónából [12.60 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0090


    Cynical Thoughts from the Zone

    Meditation on history, politics, the way to Europe and the origins of hostility.

  • "Zonológia" [21.95 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0100



    Theme with variants. The zone in our language, in a film directed by Andrej Tarkovszkij and in a novel written by George Orwell.

  • Zöldy Pál :
    Stalker a gyorsbüfében [11.54 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0110


    Stalker in the snack bar

    Essay on the global zone and the strangers, the stalkers, who are threatening the world wide democratic emptiness by their mere existence.

  • Ashis Nandy :
    Coca-Cola-kultúra [14.41 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0120


    Coca-Cola Culture

    'Coca-Cola is a world-view, a philosophy of life...and the ultimate symbol of the market. Like many other elements of the presently dominant global mass culture -- such as pop music, jeans and hamburgers it reminds its consumer of the simple, innocent joys of living which have been almost lost in the modern world...' (Resurgence No. 172)

  • Pamela Park-Curry ,
    Robert N. Jiobu :
    Az elektronikus népisten [19.42 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0130


    The Electronic Pop God

    Essay on our continuously changing relationship to the phenomenon of the computer. How does the computer turn from fetish to an everyday household device?

  • Götz Eszter :
    Mit eszik az információ? [9.47 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0140


    What does Information Eat?

    Curse or boon? Reflections on the social and psychological effects of computerization in connection with the American film entitled 'The NET'.

  • Evelyne Hong :
    A Világbank találkozása a független szervezetekkel [6.68 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0150


    World Bank Meets NGOs

    Report on the meeting of the World Bank staffers with the non-governmental organizations at the UN Women's Conference. (Third World Resurgence No. 61-62)

  • Zónadolgozatok [20.39 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0170


    Compositions on the Zone

    How do the fourth-year students of applied arts think about the zone, cosiness and homelessness?

Életünk terei

  • Szubkultúrák mozaikja [23.57 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0180


    Mosaic of Subcultures

    This chapter of the book entitled 'Pattern Language' analyzes the relationship between the structure of the modern cities and their dwellers' character structure.

  • Üzenet egy másik zónából [2.74 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0190


    Message from Another Zone

    The area becoming uncertain... Thoughts on transition, the nature of progress, slum and emptiness, beginning and end...

  • Pánikváros [21.07 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0200


    'Panic City'

    The authors explore the dark side of the cities, show the price the town-dwellers have to pay for living there. Extracts from the book entitled 'Ville Panique'.

Utak és kiutak

  • Robert Eronn :
    A Természetes lépés [20.96 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0210


    The Natural Step

    A Social Invention for the Environment. The aims, working methods and activity of a successful Swedish environmental organization named 'The Natural Step'.

  • Valódi demokrácia [11.97 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0220


    Authentic Democracy

    'People have realized that politics is about the well-being of the polis, it is not about people seeking power over others but about the power to determine events at the neighbourhood level, the level at which citizen control can be most effectively exercised.' (Editorial, Fourth World Review No. 70-71)

  • Program [7.97 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00010-0250

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