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Ökotáj7-8.sz. (1994. tavasz-nyár)


Tematikus cím:Otthonosság


  • Márczi Imre :
    Hóm, szvít hóm? [9.59 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0020


    Home Sweet Home?...

    Thoughts on the meanings of home. It is not just a place but a status. In the broadest sense of the word it means harmony with the existence. What are the conditions of this harmony?


  • Ház [8.42 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0030



    The house is in the middle of the World representing the Universe. As a female symbol, it means shelter, mother and protection. Extracts from the book entitled 'Dictionnaire des Symboles' by Jean Chevalier and Alain Gheerbrant. Translated by Judit Maruszki.

Környezet és otthonosság

  • Mihalovits György :
    Otthon és hon, ház--házasság--haza [10.10 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0040


    House, Home and Homeland

    We are on the world to be at home there.' '...a man and a woman, some children, tools and maybe one or two animals. Just like at the beginning of the Creation...' Thoughts on home, homeland and the aim of our being.

  • Eff Lajos :
    Az otthontalanság kényszere [10.50 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0050


    The Force of Homelessness

    Although it seems to be so natural but it is not easy to be at home. Some of the author's vital questions: What are the functions of home? Do our fiats serve the purpose? What are the consequences of homelessness?

  • Útban hazafelé [17.69 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0060


    On the Way Home

    Home, homeland and household were the topics of the 26 March 1994 episode of 'Gala' Ecological Film Magazine on Hungarian TV 2. Extracts from the programme, presented by László Hollós.

  • Spéder Zsolt :
    Háztartásgazdaság: 0-24 óráig [32.23 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0070


    Household Economy: 0-24

    The discovery of the hidden household economy. Essay on the invisible, unpaid work in the household. The author analyzes its social role and its connection with the market economy.

  • Okrutay Miklós :
    Zöld házak [20.58 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0080


    'Green Houses'

    What has happened to the old 'green houses' otherwise 'green trams' of Budapest? The history of a typical 'institution', one of the small secrets of the city.

  • Bánáti János :
    A típusbútor fejlődése Magyarországon [21.93 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0090


    The History of Utility Furniture in Hungary

    The evelopment of utility furniture from 'Thonet' to Réka. Although there is a great demand for utility furniture in Hungary, it still remains a dream.

  • Bodor Ferenc ,
    Kovács István :
    Tárgyaink emlékezete [30.99 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0100


    The Memory of Our Things -- the Topography of a Room

    Men are going out of the world and take their celebrations along. Their things remain cherishing the memory of them. The history of things in a flat, somewhere in Budapest, in a transitional age.

  • Alternatív közösség mint otthon? [12.10 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0110


    Alternative Community as a Home - Letter to My Friend

    Moments from the history of the Catholic 'Bush Community' in Hungary.

Otthon -- oktatás -- kutatás -- környezet

  • Scherer József :
    Határesetek [10.28 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0120


    Borderline Cases

    The plan of a new major at the Hungarian School of Applied Arts. Creativity, and ecological approach are the bases of the new interdisciplinary subject.

  • "Kedvenc tárgyaim" [24.85 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0130


    My Favourite Thing

    Selection from the essays written by the students of applied arts.

  • Zalavári József :
    A madáretető [4.87 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0140



    Bird-table as creative planning task for the students of the Hungarian School of Applied Arts.

  • Zelnik József :
    Oikológia [16.55 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0150



    A brief research plan for the study of 'oikology'. Etymologically the word comes from the Greek 'oikos', which means house, household, home and homeland.

  • Szakirodalom [97.03 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0160



    Bibliography of the research plan entitled 'Oikology'. Selection from the literature on appropriate technology, sustainable development, home ecology, environment-friendly lifestyle, and architecture, small-scale production, craftsmanship, and recycling.

Életünk terei

  • Ház kis család számára [5.32 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0170


    House for a Small Family

    'In a house for a small family, it is the relationship between children and adults which is most critical.' This pattern tries to find solutions for the problem.

  • Saját otthon [7.55 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0180


    Your Own Home

    'People cannot be genuinely comfortable and healthy in a house which is not theirs.' 'People will only be able to feel comfortable in their houses, if they can change their houses to suit themselves, add on whatever they need...' Extracts from the book entitled 'A pattern language : Towns, buildings, construction' (by Christopher Alexander et al. New York: Oxford University Press, 1981. 1171 p.)

Utak és kiutak

  • Csonka András :
    Ökológiai Akadémia [14.49 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0190


    The Academy of Ecology

    A year ago we gave an account of the plan for an academy of ecology. Now the author summarizes what has happened since then.

  • Leopold Kohr :
    Az akadémikus fogadók [20.54 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0200


    The Academic Inn

    A new danger has arisen to unfettered academic activities. This is the irresistible pressure emanating from the explosive dimensions of modern mass societies which can educationally be accommodated only by universities of vast scale. There is one last way out. This is for scholarship 1:0 change its location not geographically but institutionally. This institution -- the last refuge of the humanities -- is the inn. Extracts from the book entitled 'How to save the world. A fourth world guide to the politics of scale' (ed. by Nicholas Albery and Mark Kinzley, Wellinborough : Turnstone, 1984. 318 p.). Translated by Csilla Strbik.

  • Hollós László :
    Kiút vagy diktatúra? [10.79 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0210


    A Way Out or a Kind of Dictatorship? Ecovillage Is Being Built

    A way out from our city life. The rules and principles of the ecovillage being built on the ruins of the abandoned village of 'Gyűrűfű'.

  • Dennis Holdinghausen :
    Kívül - belül teremtésbarát [47.45 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0220


    'Creation-friendly' Inside and Out

    Environment-friendly building guidelines of the Bavarian Evangelical Church. 'From the building materials to the energy supply everything ought to be the most sustainable for man and Creation.' Translated by György Zsombok.

Ökológia és ideológiák

  • Christopher D. Stone :
    Morális pluralizmus és a környezeti etika útja [60.56 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00007-0230


    Moral Pluralism and the Course of Environmental Ethics

    The author summarizes the achievements and aims of environmental ethics and examines its status in the larger world of moral philosophy. (Environmental Ethics, Summer 1988, pp. 139-154) Translated by Miklós Uszkay.

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