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Ökotáj4.sz. (1993. nyár)


Tematikus cím:Környezet és gazdaság


  • Zelnik József :
    Mecénás tűnődései [25.13 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0010


    Meditation of Maecenas

    Meditations on the connection between culture, economy and politics. Some of the author's questions: Is there art still worthy of support? Why is the political life so incapable and so aggressive at the same time? Why do not economy and culture work?


  • A pénz [5.04 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0020



    Extract from the Marx's theory of money, thoughts on its economic and social role.

Környezet és gazdaság

  • Kindler József :
    Környezetügy átmenetben [13.46 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0030


    Environmental Affair in Transition Wishes and Possibilities

    There is nothing so constant in Hungary as provisionality, and nothing so long as transition. So we have to count on a long-lasting transition concerning the environmental affairs as well.

  • Kerekes Sándor :
    A Janus-arcú környezetgazdaságtan [24.30 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0040


    Janus Faced Environmental Economics

    The development of the economic thinking on the environment. Thoughts on the border of economics and ethics.

  • Kaderják Péter :
    Ökogyarmatosítás vagy modernizáció? [40.47 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0050


    'Eco-colonization' or Modernization

    Contributions to the Environmental Evaluation of Direct Foreign Investments The environmental impacts of the economic transition and the foreign investments in Hungary.

  • Kiss Károly :
    Mibe kerül a környezetvédelem? [19.78 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0060


    What Does Environmental Protection Cost? A Tale of Virtue and Sin

    The two ways of environmental protection. The expensive and impracticable environmental protection tries to restore the damages. The other free way requires profound changes in values and lifestyle.

  • Zsolnai László :
    Az ökoszociális gazdaság eszméje [7.19 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0070


    The Idea of an 'Eco-Social' Economy

    Nor the thoughtless 'marketization' but the 'eco-social' development of our economy leads us to Europe longed for so much.

  • Hazel Henderson :
    Sebességváltás [41.09 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0080


    Shifting Gears

    'The way out of recession and unemployment is to shift from mass production to production by the masses. and from economic growth to human development.' Translated by László Kofrán

  • Faith Popcorn :
    Termékfilozófiák a piacon [13.72 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0090


    Marketing the Corporate Soul

    Extracts from the author's book entitled 'The Popcorn Report. Faith Popcorn on the Future of your Company, your World, your Life'. 'It used to be enough just to make a fairly decent product and market it. Not anymore. In the '90s, you have got to have a Corporate Soul. The consumer will want to know who you are before buying what you sell. Who you are will mean publicly stating your environmental policy, your stance on health care and child care.' Translated by Pálma Melis.

  • Hollós László :
    Növekedés helyett fejlődés [24.87 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0100


    Development instead of Growth

    Interviews of László Hollós with Donella and Dennis Meadows and Robert Costanza about ecology and economy.

  • Bodor Ferenc :
    Gondok a "zöld ponttal" [10.22 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0110


    Troubles with 'Grüne Punkt'

    Waste collection, recycling, reuse and recovery -- dream and reality. German experience of waste management adapted from the 25/1993. issue of 'Spiegel'.

  • Ökológiai szemlélet az ipari formatervezésben [8.01 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0120


    Ecological Approach to Industrial Design

    Remarkable thoughts about the ecological design on the basis of a conference held in Berlin. Compiled from the book entitled 'Vernetztes Arbeiten -- Design und Umwelt' (Hrsg. Rat für Formgebung, 1992. 281 p.).

Életünk terei

  • Üzlethálózat [10.50 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0130


    Web of Shopping

    'Shop rarely place themselves in those positions which best serve the people's needs, and also guarantee their own stability.'

    '...this pattern defines a piecemeal process which can help to locate shops and services where there are needed...'

    Extracts from the book entitled 'A pattern language: Towns, buildings, construction' by Christopher Alexander.

Utak és kiutak

  • James Robertson :
    A recesszió megszüntetésének öt módja [19.57 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0140


    Five Ways to End Recession

    'The Keynes and Thatcher revolutions have both failed. What now? An open letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer.' Translated by László Kofrán

  • Charles Handy :
    A munka több, mint egy foglalkozás [18.16 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0150


    Work is More than a Job

    'What are we all going to do? Work is a natural human activity but there is more to work than paid employment.' Translated by Ildikó Boldizsár.

Ökológia és ideológiák

  • Sípos (S) Gyula :
    Szőnyeg [77.97 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0160


    The Carpet

    The author in the second part of his essay describes a new ethic for human survival. Profit and success are the keywords of the consumer society. The values of a sustainable society would be love, compassion, moderation, permanence, tolerance, acceptance, peace, health...

  • Szakirodalom [74.91 kB - HTML]EPA-00005-00004-0180



    Selections from the literature of the relations between economy and ecology in the collection of the 'Silk-Mill library'.

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